Men’s EHF EURO 2014 qualification Round 2 was opened with two matches in which favourites celebrated victories. Croatia had easier task in Latvia, where team of Slavko Goluza (Ivan Čupić has scored 6 goals) broke the resistance of the home team in the last 15 minute – 30:23 (19:12). Much more serious had to be Sweden in Netherlands 33:31, but Olympic silver medal winner took two points again after home win over Ukraine. ← Previous Story Jacob Heinl stays in SG Flensburg until 2016 Next Story → Women’s EHF CL (Round 4): Gyor in TOP 8 – Larvik and Hypo are almost there Croatia handballEHF EURO 2014Sweden handball read more

← Previous Story Day 6 at WCh 2013 – Fight for TOP 16! Next Story → WCh 2013: African tie – Germany and Iceland win Russia with harder-than-expected victory over Qatar – 29:22The Russian handball players had to fight hard to gain victory against Qatar. In what was supposed to be rather easy game turned into interesting game in which Russia had to fight for every goal. The Qatari’s were able at time to turn the goal difference down to few goals, but most of the time the Russians kept steady the margin at around 4-5 goals. The first half finished with only three goals advantage for Russia, 16:13. In the second half Russia continued with the slight domination, and won it with 29:22.Belarus wins against South Korea – 26:20Belarus recovered from yesterdays defeat at the hands of Serbia, by beating South Korea today with 26:20. This will be an important victory for Belarus in their bid to bounce back and aim for one of the top places. The first half was quite even, with the Belarussians playing a bit better, and going at the break with 2 goals advantage, 12:10. In the second half however, Rutenka and co. started playing even better and made a substantial advantage of around +6 with 10 minutes before the end of the game, winning it eventually with 26:20.Tunisia with an important win over Montenegro 27:25The Tunisian players definitely forgot the defeat against France at the beginning o the Championship. After surprisingly winning over Germany two days ago, now the Tunisians make their forward to the 1/8-finals by defeating Montenegro with 27:25. It was a very tense game in which neither team had advantage after the first half, finishing 11:11. However, with slightly better play in the second half and very good offense which scored a total of 16 goals in the second half, the Tunisians edged past Montenegro with 27:25. read more

QatarQatar 2015Spain Qatar 2015 Spanish NT coach Manolo Cadenas announced the squad list for the trip to Doha at the 24th World Championship.  Goalkeeper Arpad Šterbik won’t be able to help his team-mates. He stayed in Skopje, where he is recovering from the injury.Spain are in group with Brazil, Slovenia, Qatar, Chile…ROSTER:Goalkeepers: Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas (FC Barcelona), José Manuel Sierra (Pick Szeged)Left wings: Cristian Ugalde (MKB Veszprem), Valero Rivera Folch (HBC Nantes)Left back: Antonio J. García (Pick Szeged), Viran Morros (FC Barcelona)Playmaker: Joan Cañellas (THW Kiel), José “Chema” Rodríguez (MKB Veszprem), Raúl Entreríos (FC Barcelona)Right backs: Alex Dujshebaev (HC Vardar), Jorge Maqueda (HBC Nantes)Right wings: Albert Rocas (Naturhouse La Rioja), Victor Tomas (FC Barcelona)Pivots: Gideon Guardiola (Rhein -Neckar Löwen), Juan Andreu (TSV Hannover-Burgdorf), Julen Aginagalde (Vive Targi Kielce) ← Previous Story MIZUNO release a new range ahead of Qatar 2015 Next Story → Onesta picks 17 players for Qatar 2015 read more

first_imgGIOVANNI TRAPATTONI MOVED to end talk of an international return for Damien Duff today, insisting that he respects the winger’s decision to call time on his career with Ireland.Faced with a growing injury list ahead of the World Cup qualifiers against Germany and the Faroe Islands, Trapattoni dismissed reports that he hopes to coax the Dubliner out of retirement as a “misunderstanding.”Duff won 100 international caps but retired earlier this summer following Ireland’s disappointing campaign at the European Championships in Poland and Ukraine. Injuries to Glenn Whelan (hamstring) and James McClean (hip) look set to limit Trapattoni’s options in midfield, but asked if he would consider recalling Duff under the circumstances, the Italian ruled out the move.“[Myself and Marco Tardelli] only one time said to Damien, after he scored one goal, ‘you are rested, you can come back.’“He said ‘No thank you. I’m finished.’“I never said to him again ‘Damien come back’, because when he said to me, ‘No, I’m finished’, I respect that. I didn’t insist that he came back. It must have been a misunderstanding. I respect his decision.”Ciaran Clark drafted into Ireland squad as St Ledger set to miss World Cup qualifierslast_img read more

first_imgIT’S ANOTHER BUSY weekend of sporting action on this damp, little country of ours.Some 50,000 of you sportomaniacs filled the Aviva Stadium last night while the GAA and rugby action up and down the land will see yet more of us click through turnstiles before work on Monday.And as the visiting German supporters learned last night, there’s plenty can be lost in translation when in an Irish stadium.Here’s some of our favourite stock phrases from the terraces; what have we forgotten?last_img

first_imgEVERY MORNING AT rush-hour in a Belgrade bakery, Lidija Milanovic buys her usual breakfast – two croissants. But she takes only one, leaving the other for someone who cannot afford it.In Serbia, a country hard-hit by the economic crisis, three young Internet workers have launched a website to help the poor which calls on citizens to buy an additional “solidarity meal” that will be offered to those in need.“It’s great that someone has found such a simple way to help people, without spending a lot of time or energy,” said Milanovic, a 37-year-old businesswoman who learned about the initiative on social networks.‘Solidarity Grub’Jovana Bogavac, a high school student queueing behind Milanovic, was curious about what was going on. After hearing an explanation of the project – called “Solidarity Grub” (Solidarna Klopica) – she decided to join in.“A great idea! In this neighbourhood I often see people digging in garbage cans for food, but I didn’t feel comfortable approaching them to offer help. This is the way to do it,” she said.Official statistics show that 9.2 per cent of Serbia’s 7.2 million people live in absolute poverty, on less than one euro a day. Almost one-fifth of the population lives on less than four euros a day.For children, the number living in absolute poverty rises to 12.2 per cent, and 6.2 per cent suffer from malnutrition.Solidarity Grub was started in April by three 20-something employees at Internet portal, an online catalogue of goods, services and special promotions.Phenomenon of ‘suspended coffee’ in IrelandThey say they were inspired by an online video about people in Italy leaving coffees for the homeless. has previously reported about that phenomenon of so-called ‘suspended coffee’ spreading to Ireland.“We liked the idea,” coordinator Nina Milos, 24, told AFP, but they wanted to offer more so “we opted for food.”The trio first contacted bakeries, since they wanted lots of people to participate and baked goods are relatively affordable.Their website advertises the bakeries and includes an interactive map locating them ( So far some 60 bakeries have joined in.Surprisingly, in a country where the unemployment rate stands at 24 per cent, the action has spread.“This project is successful because it doesn’t require much personal engagement, and the costs are minimal,” said psychologist Anika Stojanovic. Poll Results: Yes (641) No (1013) Also, as previous experience has shown us, people with the lowest or lower income react faster and stronger to projects like this, because they can imagine themselves in such a needy situation. At the bakery where Milanovic buys her morning croissants, saleswoman Silvija said the project has been a success.“At first I didn’t believe in it… but there are more and more people who are leaving food for others,” she said, putting collected food in a basket in the window so those who are hungry can see it’s available.A poster in the window also advertises that the bakery is part of the initiative.Getting information to potential usersThe most difficult part has been getting out the information to potential users, who have little Internet access.To spread the word, the organisers have arranged for large displays publicising the project as well as advertising in free newspapers and networking with homeless shelters and advocacy groups.They have also appealed to local residents to tell the homeless people in their neighbourhood.“When we see someone digging in garbage cans we go out to give him food and tell him that he can find it at our place, for free, every day,” said Silvija at the bakery.Mirjana, a jobless mother of three whose family survives on her husband’s modest construction worker’s wages, saw a television report on Solidarity Grub.Her family had been skipping meals and on some days didn’t eat at all.“Now we have at least one meal every day,” said Mirjana, who is in her 40s and travels almost an hour to get free food.She said her family still depends on neighbours who give them food, but what the bakery provides is sometimes enough to cover two meals a day.The team behind the idea now want to expand it outside Serbia – they have already started a project in Macedonia – and offer more than food such as clothing and toiletries.To coordinator Milos, the Solidarity Grub project is a source of pride.“Life is not easy in Serbia. When people show such solidarity it really deserves praise. That’s the best thing that has happened to me!”Is this something you would participate in if it were in Irish bakeries/cafés? YesNoVote- © AFP, 2013It is spreading across Ireland – but what exactly is suspended coffee?>You might help crowdfund an album – but what about some scientific research?>last_img read more

first_imgHealy-Rae in particular covers a lot of ground. On one day the narrator tell us he is visiting 14 pubs on the Dingle Peninsula, covering some 240 kilometres.2. They gets all sorts of offers“I’d love to have you in the shower,” one elderly constituent tells Ó Snodaigh.The man actually just wants the Sinn Féin TD to experience how draughty it is as a result of weather-damaged window frames on the outside of his house, which Ó Snodaigh says he will try to sort.3. Michelle Mulherin got a lot of abuse over the abortion vote“My head is mush,” the Fine Gael TD for Mayo admits at the height of the debate on the abortion bill as she is on the receiving end of lobbying and abuse over her decision to eventually support the Protection of Life during Pregnancy Bill.Prior to the vote, we see her being lobbied by four young women at one of her clinics, after which she says: “There are people within the Dáil who think its crazy we don’t have abortion on demand. I may not agree with it, but I don’t rubbish it.”Then after the vote Mulherin is on the receiving end of abuse in her constituency and reads out a particularly nasty piece of correspondence.She admits: “It makes me a bit sad, yeah.” THE ‘LOOKING AFTER NO 1′ programme broadcast on RTÉ One last night offered a revealing insight into the lives of five politicians and their handling of constituency issues.The programme shone a light on the constituency work done by Fianna Fáil TD Willie O’Dea, Labour’s John Lyons, Fine Gael’s Michelle Mulherin, Sinn Féin’s Aengus Ó Snodaigh, and the independent deputy Micheal Healy-Rae.We saw the TDs dealing with various constituency cases, having varying degrees of success with each, while also discussing their roles as Irish politicians and the complexities of balancing lawmaking with local issues.Depending on your point of view it was either a great insight into how politicians get things done for the people who elect them or a demoralising portrayal of Ireland’s ‘parish pump’ politics.The programme can be watched in full here. But here are a few things we learned from it…1. TDs do a lot of driving We are introduced to our five protagonists while  they are driving their cars and we see a lot of this throughout the programme. 4. TDs will hold their constituency clinics anywhereWe see TDs holding their clinics in pubs, cars, houses, and, in Willie O’Dea’s case, out in the beer garden:5. Some TDs are already thinking ahead to the next electionWe see both O’Dea and Healy-Rae dealing with cases outside of their current constituencies,  but with people who will be eligible to vote for them at the next general election because of the boundary redraw.It’s also noticeable that Mulherin covers a lot of ground and does as much constituency work as she can , perhaps conscious that Fine Gael will struggle to hold its four seats in Mayo at the next election.6. It’s “political assistance” and not “political interference” On that fine line between helping your constituents and politically interfering, TDs have some ready-made answers, as you’d expect.“My experience of the civil service is if you try to sort of get into this area of political interference, you’re very quickly slapped down,” O’Dea says.Healy-Rae describes what he does as “political assistance” and not interference.7. Healy-Rae takes his shoes off when he goes in the office… 8. … and has a picture picture of himself with model Katy French in his Mace shop9. Parish pump politics is here to stay, whether politicians like it or not“I know if I didn’t have the clinics I wouldn’t be as aware of the realities of some people,” John Lyons says.Ó Snodaigh notes: “If you were to ignore the local it would be detrimental to the nation,” adding that the alternative is “166 robots” in Leinster House.O’Dea says there is a merit to the argument that we are over-represented, but says he has yet to see a compelling argument for any alternative to what working in the Irish political system currently involves.Watch the programme in full here >Like politics? Then why not ‘Like’’s Politics page?Cannabis legalisation: Where do the parties stand?Column: I petitioned to stop politicians promising the moon and starslast_img read more

first_imgLG SAID TODAY it would make correct a “bug” on some of its smart TVs after admitting it sends information about viewers back to the company without their permission.The world’s second largest TV maker launched an investigation after UK-based IT consultant Jason Huntley raised the issue in a blog post.He said LG continued to collect information on which channel he was watching even after he turned off the data collection feature.“We have found some of our smart TVs continue to transmit viewing information even when the function is turned off by the viewer,” a spokesman said. “We are preparing a firmware update to roll out soon that will correct this bug.”Huntley welcomed move as the “positive step”.LG’s rival Samsung, the world’s largest TV maker, said its products had not experienced such a problem.“Samsung takes all concerns regarding consumer privacy and data security very seriously,” it said.“All of our smart TVs include industry-standard security safeguards and practices to secure consumers’ personal information and prevent its unauthorized collection or use.”- © AFP, 2013Read: Take a hike: Digital wristbands prompt users with fit tips >Read: Samsung and launch Smart TV property app >last_img read more

first_imgEVERY MORNING, brings you the nine stories you need to know as you kick off your day.1.#NAMA 1: 92 staff at the National Assets Management Agency earned over €100,000 last year, while four earned in excess of €200,000. The two top earners at the agency earn between €300,000 and €400,000. When combined with numbers from the National Treasury Management Agency, a total of 15 staff members are paid over €200,000.2.#ROBBERY: Gardaí in Monaghan are investigating a robbery in Castleblayney yesterday in which a “large sum” of money was stolen. Two men entered a bank in the town using a white van and made off with the cash just after 5pm.3.#WELFARE: New figures have shown that over 141,000 applications for social welfare have been rejected by the Department of Social Protection this year. The highest figure for rejections were for Illness Benefit and Treatment Benefit.4.#NAMA 2: In further revelations about the under-fire National Assets Management Agency, it has been revealed that €143 million has been paid to consultants in the four years since NAMA’s inception. The majority of the fees are paid out to consultants valuing loans or managing portfolios.5.#CLAMPING: In good news for anyone who has ever had their car clamped, a new law will be published in early 2014. The Vehicle Immobilisation Bill will set out requirements for signage, maximum fees and release periods.6.#WINTER: Crowds gathered this morning in the ancient passage tomb at Newgrange to mark the Winter Solstice. On a cloud-free day, the tomb is illuminated by the rising sun as winter officially begins. Even Google have marked the start of winter with a seasonal doodle.7.#POOLBEG: The site for the proposed Poolbeg incinerator is now worth just €6 million. The site was bought for €10 million, but has had about €50 million spent on it by Dublin City Council. The overall cost of the stalled project is nearing €100 million.8.#SHOPPING: The last weekend before Christmas will see about half a billion euro spent in shops, the Irish Daily Mail reports. The Irish Examiner carries a similar story, saying that the retail trade is pinning its hopes on this crucial weekend.9.#HARD NECKS: Being a TD comes with a certain amount of negative feedback. But, how is it dealt with? In the week of the anniversary of the death of Minister Shane McEntee, spoke to a number of TDs about the abuse, the hassle and the threats they have received.last_img read more

first_img“Officers escape death when Dissident Republicans attack Lisnaskea station with gunfire. Cowardly and futile. Terrorism will never prevail” Eamon Gilmore described the attack as “deplorable”:“The PSNI is our partner in the fight against terrorism and the Gardaí will be making determined efforts to bring the perpetrators of this vile attack to justice, together with the PSNI.People in our communities know this is wrong and believe that an attack on one of us is an attack on all who support peace and the rule of law. Our best response is to support our police services and to make sure that democratic politics works for the good of all our communities.” TÁNAISTE EAMON GILMORE has condemned a gun attack that took place last night at a police station in Lisnaskea, Co Fermanagh.There are no reports of injuries in the incident, which happened as politicians were sitting down for talks in Belfast aimed at reaching agreement on remaining issues in the peace process.It’s understood the station came under attack from automatic fire.The Police Federation, which represents PSNI rank-and-file members, tweeted: Read: Haass talks with NI parties fail to reach agreement Northern Ireland Justice Minister David Ford also condemned the attack:last_img read more

first_imgI’m always on the negative side thinking I might squeeze a bronze so getting the silver was me content. I was able to do what I planned to do. Then to back it up by winning the gold medal within half an hour was actually flabbergasting at the time.“I carried on without soaking it up too much. The reaction at home was awesome to be in the papers so much. That initial week was brilliant.“I don’t want to be all ‘poor me, poor me’ but I’ve had a pretty awesome year when you peg it up against the fact that there has not been too many world champions in Ireland this year,” he adds when asked about how much media coverage cycling gets in Ireland.“And I think I’m pretty unknown as that goes. Obviously that kind of sucks every now and then.“I just want to keep doing what I’m doing and rack up a few more and some people might take notice.”Irvine on his way to winning gold. Credit: Martin Rickett/PA Wire/Press Association ImagesHe may have earned gold in the Scratch Race at the Worlds, but Irvine’s most satisfying victory came in the European Championships as he even surprised himself by regaining full fitness in a matter of months.“At the time of breaking my leg, it was a bad one and you could not be cycling again sort of thing or at least two years go get back to fitness. So it was pretty gloomy at the start of the year. I just wanted to get back fit and doing every right and how I was told set me up to come back fit. IN AN IRISH sporting year that witnessed Rob Heffernan claim a 50km gold medal and AP McCoy ride his 4,000th winner, Martyn Irvine’s outstanding achievements on the track didn’t quite get the recognition it deserved.The Down cyclist has branded the past 12 months a “rollercoaster” — a description which is hard to argue with when you glance back at what he has been through.Low points saw doubt cast over his career after a fractured femur as well as a crash at last month’s Ghent Six Day.Thankfully, they were outweighed by the highs which began with a gold and silver double at the Track World Championships in February and ended with him finishing in top spot at the UCI Track Cycling World Cup in Manchester in November.In between, there was also a remarkably swift recovery from injury to earn bronze at the European Track Championships in the Netherlands.“I supposed I could have never dreamed of it (the success),” he told recently. “When it came along I almost took it for granted but looking back it has been an awesome year.“Obviously breaking my leg threw a spanner in the works, or at least I thought, for the rest of 2013. Coming back and winning the World Cup in Manchester just capped it off.“Even if I hadn’t broke my leg I would have been awesome. It’s definitely one I won’t forget.“The pursuit medal was my main training goal (at the World Championships) as I had trained all winter to get on the podium was the target. “It was just as bit of luck as surgery and rehab went well so I’m lucky. It paid off and I got back on the bike faster than anyone would have though.“The Worlds is always the one but coming back and getting that bronze in the omnium is satisfying. I had come back to full fitness and knowing I can compete with the best was really satisfying.“Up until it was guess work in relation to the fitness of my leg so that was definitely a big sigh of relief when I did that one.”Currently working his way back to full training after a latest leg injury, the United Healthcare team member is already looking forward to competing in 2014. He travels to Denver in the new year to prepare for competitions in Mexico and Colombia before the Track Worlds, Giro d’Italia and the Commonwealth Games later in the year.He is keen to add to his medals tally but admits he will have to choose his battles carefully.“It’s crammed next year and I could do too much,” he says. “I have to use my head. There is just constant circle of cycling to be doing. I’m going to have to pick and choose a lot more this year.I’m luck that I’m in the position to be there and do what I want because in years gone by I was crying out to race so know I’ve an abundance and need to use my head. I’ve to keep the team happy too United Healthcare are giving me a free reign to ride the track.“I have to focus on the track. I haven’t nailed down any targets at the minute because there is a lot of racing to do. Another good performance at the World Championships where I’ll be targeting the podium is what I’ll be after.“Further down the year I’ll be looking at the Commonwealth Games and a good Giro performance in May if I get the start.”Irish Olympian Colin Griffin giving up athletics for 2014Obama names gay tennis legend Billie Jean King on Olympic delegationlast_img read more

first_imgUpdated 6.42pm GOVERNMENT SENATORS HAVE criticised the coalition and insisted they are not blame for the upper house sitting for less than two days this week.Senators convened for the first time this week earlier this afternoon, but will adjourn for the week tomorrow evening with only one piece of legislation – the Road Traffic Bill – due to be debated this week. It’s the third time since last year’s referendum to abolish the Seanad that the chamber has sat for just two days and this evening Sinn Féin senator David Cullinane claimed he and his colleagues have been informed that this may continue in the weeks ahead. “This is an absolute disgrace and gives the impression the Seanad is full of dossers who show up now and then,” he said, adding the situation “is outrageous” and that he knows of no other job “where people can show up for work for two day (sic) and still receive their full pay.” Earlier, Labour senators John Kelly, John Whelan and Denis Landy hit out at the government for, in their view, ignoring the result of last October’s referendum in failing to bring sufficient business before the upper house.Landy said the current situation is not acceptable and that it is up to the government and particularly the chief whip to “take action to stop this ridiculous scenario”. ‘Spirit of reform’ Whelan said that the two-day sitting is “entirely at odds with the spirit of reform” and added: “It appears that some elements within Government have not fully accepted or embraced the will of the people in that referendum result.“The Seanad cannot put in place even three sitting days as normal this week as there is no legislation forthcoming from the Dáil or any Ministers available to take debates on policy, pending legislation or important public consultations.” His concerns are shared by Kelly who said said the Seanad is being “under-utilised by our archaic political process” and warned that the lack of legislative business now means that bills will be rushed through when the current term is coming to an end.“To not have legislation lined up for the Seanad, just three weeks after our Christmas recess, inevitably means that come Easter we will again have four-day sittings, late-night sittings, guillotining, and the return of the béte noire of Irish politics, ‘rushed legislation’,” he said.Barrister and political commentator Noel Whelan, a member of the Democracy Matters group which advocates reform of the chamber, said that the fault for the lack of legislative business before the Seanad falls to the government.“The government hasn’t introduced one procedural change since the referendum. It’s a classic tactic of running the clock down in the hope that people forget about reform by the time of the next election,” he said.Taoiseach promises changes The Seanad began its week with its usual Order of Business at 2.30pm when senators raise anything and everything, before Justice Minister Alan Shatter heard statements on the charities sector prior to Matters on the Adjournment.Tomorrow a full day’s work includes statements on EU Affairs, a motion regarding changes to standing orders ahead of the forthcoming banking inquiry, and consideration of the Road Traffic Bill.Labour senators have a private members motion on homelessness before Social Protection Minister Joan Burton hears statements on the implementation of the Youth Guarantee. After Matters on the Adjournment the Seanad adjourns for the week and will not return until next Tuesday.Speaking in the Dáil earlier, Taoiseach Enda Kenny said he would bring legislative proposals to give the right to vote in Seanad elections to all third-level graduates to Cabinet next week and promised that “we are certainly going to increase work rate” of senators. “I see a full week’s programme here for the Seanad not once in a blue moon, but once every week,” he insisted. The government chief whip could not immediately be reached for comment this afternoon. First published 2.09pm November 2013: The Seanad sat for just two days this week… againOctober 2013: The Seanad sat for just two days this weeklast_img read more

first_imgINDIA’S PARLIAMENT will today debate the introduction of new laws which would include the death penalty for convicted rapists.The laws would apply to cases where a rape victim is killed or left in a permanently vegetative state.The legislation follows government promises to take a harsher stance on rapists after the fatal gang rape of a student on a bus in Delhi last December.Indian law allowed the new rules to be introduced unilaterally last month – but a Bill to make the new punishments permanent must be passed before Friday if they are to become permanent.The new laws also raise the age of consent to 18. It had been 16 until the introduction of the new interim laws last month.BBC News said the new measures also increase the criminal sanction for offences like stalking and voyeurism.The minimum sentence for a rape conviction, which currently stands at seven years, will be extended to 20 years.The laws are almost guaranteed to pass after the main opposition party said it would support the Bill.The Wall Street Journal quoted a spokesman for the Bharatiya Janata Party as saying it had “absolutely no reservations now about the bill as the government has accepted most of our suggestions including on the age for consensual sex.”Discussion on the legislation was scheduled before a Swiss woman was allegedly gang raped on a forest road on Friday. Six people were due to appear in court in connection with those allegations this morning.Read: Five confess to gang-raping Swiss tourist in India, say policelast_img read more

first_img No – the existing watershed is enough (716) YesNo – the existing watershed is enoughNo – there shouldn’t be any watershedVote No – there shouldn’t be any watershed (404) Yes (1657)center_img AN ENNIS COUNCILLOR has called for Minister Pat Rabbitte to enforce a new watershed to protect children from explicit and inappropriate music videos on television.Cllr Paul O’Shea will be bringing the issue to Ennis council after he said that parents have told him they were concerned “at the amount of sexually explicit music videos” their children could view on TV.He said that he was referring to videos by artists like Beyoncé and Rihanna.O’Shea said he thinks a watershed of 7.30pm for music videos with sexual content would be appropriate.While there is no statutory requirement for a watershed, in Ireland all broadcasters operate a main watershed starting at 9pm.Poll: Should there be a 7.30pm watershed for music videos? Poll Results:last_img read more

first_imgWe’ve put some proposals forward which will hopefully allow Iran to show some flexibility.(EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, left, and Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev greet each other prior their talks in Almaty, Kazakhstan – Pic: AP Photo/Pavel Mikheyev)Mahmoud Mohammedi, a member of the Iranian delegation, said Tehran is also prepared to make an offer of its own to end the impasse but refused to provide any details.The Obama administration is pushing for diplomacy to solve the impasse but has not ruled out the possibility of military intervention in Iran to prevent it from acquiring a nuclear weapon.And Israel has threatened it will use all means to stop Iran from being able to build a bomb, potentially as soon as this summer, raising the spectre of a possible Mideast war.A senior US official at the talks said yesterday that some sanction relief would be part of the offer to Iran but also refused to detail it.‘Substantive changes’The new relief is part of a package that the US official said included “substantive changes – whether you’d call them super-substantial, I’ll leave to history.”The official acknowledged reports earlier this month that sanctions would be eased to allow Iran’s gold trade to progress, but would neither confirm nor deny they are included in the new relief offer, and spoke only on condition of anonymity to discuss the sensitive diplomatic talks more candidly.In a statement before the talks began today, Interfax news agency cited Russia’s envoy as saying easing of sanctions is possible only if Iran can assure the world that its nuclear program is for exclusively peaceful purposes.“There is no certainty that the Iranian nuclear program lacks a military dimension, although there is also no evidence that there is a military dimension,” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said.Officials from both sides have set low expectations for a breakthrough in Almaty – the first time the high-level negotiators have met since last June’s meeting in Moscow that threatened to derail the delicate efforts.Private talksThe talks are being held in private at a hotel in Almaty, Kazakhstan’s largest city, and were deemed so sensitive that reporters were not allowed on the premises today save for a small handful of TV cameras and photographers allowed to watch Ashton, who is leading the negotiations, greet Saeed Jalili, secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council.(EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, left, and Saeed Jalili, secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council pose for a photo in Almaty, Kazakhstans today – Pic: Stanislav Filippov/AP/Press Association Images)Tehran maintains it is enriching uranium only to make reactor fuel and medical isotopes, and insists it has a right to do so under international law. It has signalled it does not intend to stop, and UN nuclear inspectors last week confirmed Iran has begun a major upgrade of its program at the country’s main uranium enrichment site.Negotiators hope that easing some of the sanctions will make Tehran more agreeable to halting production of 20 per cent enriched uranium – the highest grade of enrichment that Iran has acknowledged and one that experts say could be turned into warhead grade in a matter of months.Six world powersThe six world powers – United States, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany – also want Iran to suspend enrichment in its underground Fordo nuclear facility, and to ship its stockpile of high-grade uranium out of the country.Over the last eight months, the international community has imposed harsh economic sanctions on Iran that US officials said have, among other things, cut the nation’s daily oil output by one million barrels and slashed its employment rate.Western powers have hoped that the Iranian public would suffer under sanctions so badly that the government would feel a moral obligation to slow its nuclear program.But an analysis released yesterday by the International Crisis Group concluded that the web of international sanctions have become so entrenched in Iran’s political and economic systems that they cannot be easily lifted piece-by-piece.It found that Tehran’s clerical regime has begun adapting its policy to the sanctions, despite their crippling effect on the Iranian public. Doing so, the analysis concluded, has divided the public’s anger “between a regime viewed as incompetent and an outside world seen as uncaring.”Iran has been unimpressed with earlier offers by the powers to provide it with medical isotopes and lift sanctions on spare parts for civilian airliners, and new bargaining chips that Tehran sees as minor are likely to be snubbed as well. Iran insists, as a starting point, that world powers must recognise the republic’s right to enrich uranium.Read: UN Security Council vows action after North Korea nuclear test > WORLD POWERS BEGAN their fourth round of high-level talks with Iranian officials today as negotiators from both sides pledged to offer new ways to break a years-long impasse over Tehran’s nuclear program and its feared ability to make atomic weapons in the future.Few believe the latest attempt to reach compromise will yield any major breakthroughs, and negotiators refused to detail what the new solutions might be. Instead, officials described the latest diplomatic discussions as a way to build confidence with Iran as it steadfastly maintains its right to enrich uranium in the face of harsh international sanctions.“The offer addresses the international concern on the exclusively peaceful nature of the Iranian nuclear program, but it is also responsive to Iranian ideas,” said Michael Mann, spokesman for EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, who is leading the negotiations.last_img read more

first_imgTHE PLAUDITS WERE scarce on the ground after the home loss to England and the Irish squad arrived back in Dublin to a hail of criticism.One man that has been immune to naysaying since his promotion to the starting line-up is Munster’s Donnacha Ryan.As lineout leader, Ryan must put his hands up and admit Ireland’s failed at crucial times in the first half, allowing Scotland off the hook in a 12-8 reversal.At one stage, as Rory Best assessed his options, Ryan stood at the back of the line and wondered who was going to lift him. That lift never came.“We made a few hiccoughs on the piece,” Ryan told, “and I definitely have to take the responsibility for that.“Jim Hamilton and Richie Gray are a couple of big boys and they made it difficult but we didn’t help it by making a few errors.”It did not help Ireland that Ryan missed most of the pre-match build-up with injury but sore shoulders and ribs may yet hinder his involvement before France come to town.His self-assessment on his injury is slightly more optimistic than the coaching staff but Ryan admits he is ‘probably telling them a few lies’ about his fitness. “It’s the body will go where the mind takes kind of scenario,” he adds.Head maggotsRyan, as the lineout chief, would have been consulted on-field by Jamie Heaslip in the opening stanza against Scotland before the Irish captain opted to hit the line rather than allow Paddy Jackson an early kick at the sticks.He said, “Our maul has been going well lately so it was just one of those things. We went to the line last year [against Scotland] and scored a try off it, with Rory Best in the corner.”Ryan shakes his head when he is asked if the loss to an average Scotland side is the lowest he has felt since coming into the Irish set up.“Absolutely not,” he said. “I love playing for Ireland… we don’t go out there to make mistakes. There’s a serious amount of belief in the team and I definitely think we’re doing some great things. There’s just a few things not going to hand.”If that statement can be labelled as optimistic, Ryan’s take on the next step for Ireland sums up his world view and commitment to the cause.“There  are two ways of dealing with it. You can feel sorry for yourself or go outside that door and test your mettle,” he said. “The world keeps spinning.” He added:It’s a funny thing. Whenever you lose, you want to lace up your boots and get back on the field. Get working hard.There’s a lot of mental demons, head maggots, going on.“That’s exactly what you want to do. Get out there. You can either hide under the covers or get out and work hard.”Kidney fighting for his coaching life but insists it is business as usuallast_img read more

first_imgHEALTH MINISTER DR James Reilly is to face nurses and midwives at the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation conference today – a day after union members were told to ‘stand up’ to government and employers.The INMO will present the minister with the findings of their trolley and ward watch surveys, which note the amount of people on trolleys and in wards in Irish hospitals.The figures, which were released yesterday, show an increase since 2007 in the amount of people on trolleys and wards.At yesterday’s conference, the president of the INMO, Claire Mahon, said that it has been “an uphill battle” for the union’s members during the last few months, but it is one she will continue to fight.She said that the union members “cannot solve our overcrowding problem without additional beds, without nursing/midwifery staff and without additional community support services.  To think otherwise is simply to ignore the reality and to compromise the care of patients”.Stand upMahon said that she was addressing the members before Minister Reilly “as I believe that I should address you, not a Minister who has shown little or no regard for our professions”.She also commented on patient safety in Irish hospitals, saying: We did not party.  We did not cause the country to go bankrupt. However we are certainly paying the price.If the government introduces pay cuts, Mahon said that she will actively participate in a campaign of opposition, and if necessary, industrial action. The union is willing to re-engage in talks, and willing to make payroll savings, she added.INMO members voted yesterday to undertake a nationwide ballot seeking a mandate for industrial action if the government introduces cuts.The three-day conference will come to a close in Letterkenny, Co Donegal, today.Read: INMO to debate emergency motion on industrial action>Read: INMO prepared to mobilise against pay cuts> The main focus in Irish Health care has not been on patient safety, it has been on budget constraints and cost savings. We know that when the emphasis is placed on savings rather than at the frontline we see staffing shortages, equipment shortages and short cuts being taken. These kinds of cut backs can have a detrimental effect on patient health, progress and chances of survival.Mahon described the situation in Irish healthcare as “critical and unacceptable”, and called on registered midwives and nurses to “stand up” and make employers and government act.She also spoke about the extension of the Croke Park agreement, describing the proposals as “deeply divisive and discriminating”. The INMO delegation left the talks and Mahon said she is “proud” that this occurred.According to Mahon:INMO members are living, from month to month, many of them not able to pay all of their bills, many of them increasingly in mortgage arrears and all of them simply trying to provide for themselves, their families, their children and their loved ones.last_img read more

first_imgEBAY IS ASKING all of its users to change their passwords after a cyberattack compromised one of its databases, resulting in user information being stolen from the site.The database, which was compromised between late February and early March, included eBay customers’ names, encrypted password, email address, physical address, phone number and date of birth.However, the database did not contain financial information or other confidential personal information nor was there any evidence of unauthorised access or compromises to financial or credit card information.The company said the compromised database was first detected about two weeks ago andis currently investigating the situation with law enforcement and security experts.It said the hackers compromised a small number of employee log-in credentials, allowing them unauthorised access to eBay’s corporate network.In a statement on its PayPal Forward site, the company says that “extensive forensic research has shown no evidence of unauthorised access or compromise to personal or financial information for PayPal customers.”Despite this, it has also recommended users who use the same password on other sites to change them as well.The company says that it will provide more details for users on both its PayPal Community blog and eBay blog within the next 24 hours.Read: Spotify hits 40 million users, but only 10 million pay for the service >Read: Google knocks Apple off the top spot to become the world’s most valuable brand >last_img read more

first_imgTHE UNITE trade union has told its members they should vote against the Haddington Road proposals on public pay.The advice comes after the union’s public sector representatives met in Dublin today – where the new proposals were described as a “Haddington Road label slapped onto a Croke Park bottle”.Union regional secretary Jimmy Kelly said the revised proposals did not address the union’s main concerns about the effects that cutting €1 billion in public pay over the next three years would have on the broader economy.“The fact that the Government returned to the table vindicated the decision by an overwhelming majority of trade union members to reject the Croke Park II proposals,” Kelly said in a statement.Kelly repeated earlier concerns that cutting €300 million from this year’s pay bill would have little or no impact in the government’s overall deficit, while at the same time risking hundreds of jobs in the private sector.“The renegotiation process merely shuffled around the cuts,” he said.“These proposals are still a bad deal for public sector workers, a bad deal for communities and a bad deal for the economy.”UNITE’s 6,000 public sector members will be balloted on whether to accept the proposals over the next fortnight.The union is now the fourth to recommend that its members reject the proposals, following the two secondary teachers’ unions and the CPSU. The two secondary teachers’ unions said they would not even go through the formality of holding a ballot.A number of other unions, including SIPTU, the INMO medical union and the primary teachers’ union ASTI, have all recommended that their members vote to approve the proposals.Read: Dáil vote means top earners set to take pay cut from JulyRead: Here’s what’s contained in the new ‘Haddington Road’ public pay deallast_img read more

first_imgA MAN HAS been arrested in Dublin after drugs with an estimated street value of €5 million were discovered by gardaí and Revenue officers.As part of the jount operation, a search was conducted at a premises at Rosemount Business Park in Blanchardstown at 7.30pm yesterday evening.During the course of the search 80 kilos of cannabis herb and 350,000 ecstasy tablets were found.A 41-year-old man was arrested in relation to the discovery and is currently detained at Blanchardstown Garda Station.Read: ‘Unlikely’ that contaminated cannabis caused hospitalisation of two women>Read: Man due in court over cannabis, cocaine and MDMA seizure>last_img read more